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About Auburn Analytical Labs, Inc.

Offering a full range of chemical analysis for various melting operations.

Auburn Analytical Labs, Inc.

Our company offers a full range of chemical analysis for the various melting operations being performed today. This includes testing slags and metals, and the necessary additions to the melt. We can also provide chemical analysis of refractory lining and mold sand. Auburn Analytical Labs, Inc. is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 with ANAB certificate #L1185-1.

Auburn Analytical Labs, Inc. is a family business operated and managed by a father and son team, Bill and Matt LaFramboise. Auburn is a third-party accredited testing facility for producers and suppliers of materials to the iron industry.  Auburn’s services are offered to companies in the United States and around the globe.  AAL’s plan for growth includes continually broadening the scope of its services to include testing for steel mills, toy manufacturers, jewelry producers, and more.

Certified chemical analysis for research, product verification, failure analysis, and quality control.

Auburn Labs testing includes Slag, Silicon Carbide, Coke, Limestone, and various metals. Auburn Labs tests for a wide variety of elements and impurities down to the parts per million. Auburn Labs offers competitive pricing, and has an average turnaround of three to five business days.

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